Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hi everyone!  I have recently put a 'slide' 
guestbook at the bottom of my blog and it doesn't seem to be working!

If you have any ideas on how to get it working please let me know.
I may have to take it off and try to re-install it!

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

This is cool!

Here a painting that my 'best buddy' did for me!
I think she did a very good job!

This is one of the walls in my craft 'studio'.
"It's a fine line between hobby & mental illness!"
How true...how sad!


These are some photo frames that I have been making.
This first one I did for my house!

I love these colours!

Here is a close up of a blue one.
I like the way there is a flower in the corner!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Little 'tid~bit' about me!

Some may be wondering 
"What's with the Betty thing?"

That all started when I used to be a nanny
& the kids could never say 'Debi'! They
would always call me 'Betty'!!

And then when my beautiful nieces & my handsome nephew
came into the picture they could never say
'Aunty Debi' it was always 'Aunty Betty'!!

It stuck! (and I LOVE it)


So the things I post on this blog are my do's!
Hence..."betty-do's" was born!!

Just thought you might be wondering!


My Diaper Prams & Bikes!

These are a unique alternative to the typical 
'diaper cake'!

I can do them full of cute baby items
empty so that you can put your own gift inside!

They have made great gifts for showers or a hospital visit.
Even make beautiful centerpieces instead of a cake!

I have also done trucks.
 I will posts a photo when I can!

Thanx for checking in on 'betty'!!

Another Card!!

Another wedding card!  I love making wedding stuff (obviously)!!

Cake Favors!!

Wedding cake favors we made for my daughters wedding!!
We filled them with M&M's that were personalized
with their names!
Super cute!!

Thanx for looking!!  Any questions?   Let me know!

Something Else for a Wedding!!

This was the cake we made for my daughters wedding!

Friday, May 27, 2011

For a Special Day!!

Pretty Wedding Card!

Another one!

Pretty wedding favor!!
Fill it with your 'yummies!'

My First Blog!

I have been thinking of doing this for quite some time but
 never got 'round to  it!  So I hope this works!!

I will be posting items that I make myself
 that I think are cool and would like
to share them.

Keep checking back and I will hopefully have new things often!!