Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pet Baskets

Hi again!
Thanks for popping by!

I wanted to show you a couple of pet baskets I have done for people.

They are pretty popular!

This first one was for a young girl's ferret.  His name was Spencer!

I did a lot of research to be sure i only got things
that a ferret would enjoy!
It is hard to see in the photo...but there is an awesome striped tent in there and a very fluffy striped bed to match!

While doing this one...I wanted a ferret!! 

I like to label and 'personalize' the goodies!

The next one was for two kittens. Jasmine & Meeka. So I doubled up on a lot of the items!  I included a mug for the 'HUMAN'  haha

The next photo is the kitten basket in the middle  and a chinchilla basket on the left and a hedgehog basket on the right!

Here is a close up of a goodie (rawhide) for the hedgehog!

Well...that was fun!!

I really enjoy doing these baskets for people.  Everyone loves their "pet"!!!

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Take care and come again!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thank you Card!

Hi again!

I always like to have a few 
'Thank You'
cards on hand.

So I usually make a few at a time
so that if I go somewhere for dinner...
or if someone does something sweet...
I have one all ready to go!!

Here is one that I did a little
while ago.

Trying to use more Kraft Paper!

I did a matching envelope too.

This was a very simple one to do.
But I hear that less can be more!!

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Friday, May 18, 2012

It's been sooo long!!

Hi everyone!

Sorry it has been so long since
my last post.
I have been on vacation!!

Hubby and I went to Disneyland!!

So much fun!

But I am back now & I would
like to share a card I made.
This was for a dear friend of mine
who has had a few issues in life lately!

Used my Prisma colored pencils!
(of course)
Added purple and glitter Smooch
to her 'Knickers'!

I will hopefully put this into a couple of challenges 
this week when it is not so late!

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Thanks for popping by!!