Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New item!!

Well....here is something that I have not shared with you before.
(at least I don't think I have)

I make diaper cakes, diaper bikes & diaper prams for baby gifts.

I was working on ideas for a diaper truck & a friend asked me to make a truck for a wedding!  I never had that request before.

The couple loves monster trucks so that is what they would love.

Here are some step by step photos of it!


As always...I like to be sure that everything I use is a useable item.  So I used 
bath towels and baskets.

It is hard to see on the photo...I used some piping for roll bar (?) in the back of the truck.  Towels for the tires.

I took apart some of those fake candles and used the 'guts' in some little plastic containers.  If you put you finger behind...there was a little switch to turn on the 

License plate!

Back of the truck.
Box in the back to hold the wedding cards. They didn't really want any bows but I had to put a few!

For this...I cut the letters on the cricut.
The silver background was run through the cuttlebug.

The end result!!

It is very different & I hope they loved it.

That's it for now!
Take care!!

Hope we move soon and then I will be able to craft again!!