Thursday, March 28, 2013

AHA MOMENT!! have discovered something!

I think it is a great least for me!

I have 2 little chihuahuas...and they shed!!  So I use a lint roller a lot!!

But...I hate having to find the end of the next sticky piece!  (GRRRR!)

Anyhoooo....I finally figured out how to find it easier!

Here is a (gross) picture of the roller full! (I did the mat at the front door
before vacuuming so you could see it)  

Where is the end?  That is my beef!

Here is a new one.
Fold up the corner and stick it down.

Now roll...ewwww...gross!
But is very clear where the edge is because you did this!

Pull it off and look what is left over.  A 'dirty' corner!
So now you know exactly where the next piece is!! Fold that over and continue rolling!!!

Not tooting my own horn...and I am sure that someone out there thought of this loooong ago!

But it is an AHA moment for me!!

Hope you liked it!!

Thanks for stopping in...hope to be crafting & sharing as soon as the move is all done!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Well....we are gonna be moving soon! Yahoo!

I have not been able to do any creating because I had to packup the studio!


Instead I will share some photos from our 25th Anniversary brunch that my family put on for us!


This was our wedding song

It was so beautiful!  Thanks to everyone!!