Wednesday, April 30, 2014


This is another project that has been in the 'vault' for quite sometime!

I finally found a frame that I liked and that I thought would work for this one.

The photo really doesn't look as good as it is in person.

Wooden letters all painted black and the golden frame matches our room perfectly!

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Feature Wall!!

So I have wanted to do this technique for quite some time and I finally
decided this was the 'lucky' wall!
It is a wall that we thought should be the feature of the living room...
especially because it houses the fireplace!

Use your stencil with gloss or glaze. I used poly urethane cause that is what I had.
It deepens the color slightly and adds a nice sheen!

I love the outcome!
Gave me the unique feature wall I was looking for!! Hope you try it!

Here is before....

This is beginning...

The rest are the finale'!

Time to do more in another room!! :)

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The end result!

Well...I finally posted the finished projects!

I thoroughly enjoyed doing both of them!  And will probably do more!

Here is a collage of the paper wreath!  It is now hanging in my office (which I figured was appropriate since it is made from a very old dictionary!)

And here is the drywall mud canvas art work.
Next time I will do the back black first though. It was time consuming to do
it after the mudding was done.

Well....if you have any questions about the projects please don't hesitate to ask!

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