Sunday, July 3, 2011


These ones are 2x2's.  I added very powerful 
magnets on them so they will be worth having on the fridge!

(baby's firsts - SU stamps)

Grad owl (polymer clay)

Dalmation (polymer clay)

It's hard to tell in the photo but he has 
black top hat & a tail!

3 peas in a pod!
Sorry the photos are blurry!


Babs said...

You are so artistic and creative..these little guys are soooo cute!

Beccy said...

I've enjoyed having a look around your blog this morning Deb, thanks for sharing the link with me. I was particularly impressed with the bouquets for your daughter's wedding... what a unique idea!

Linda w said...

very cute. I like playing with fimo too. Hugs lin