Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Hi everyone!
Thank you so much for your positive comment about the 
bikini card set.

One such comment was from Dianne.
She wanted to have some instruction on making them.

So....here it goes!
(I hope you can understand them)

I am not too sure if I found this template somewhere 
or made my own...I have had it for so long now.
(Sorry if I should be giving someone credit for a template) 

Here is a photo of my template pieces that I keep together.
I just use a piece of white paper for a template. (card stock is sturdy)
Without a template I would just free hand with pencil to get the 
right shape.  It doesn't have to be perfect...no bums are exactly alike!

So basically you cut out 2 'bums' & then one of them you would
cut to make the bottoms & the two pieces that you cut off
(the cheeks)
are now the templates for the bikini top.


I use either Kraft paper or pre-scored Kraft cards that
you can buy at Michael's. (I think they are about 4x6)
If you use a sheet of 8.5x11 Kraft paper then cut down so
you end up with a 4x6 card.
Now just use your template that you just made and trace one 'bum' 
on to the card and then cut it out.
Now use the other pieces on whatever DP you would like 
the bikini to be in & trace and cut them out.

On the one I posted earlier...I did another step...I 
traced the bikini top & bottom on a solid matching color
and then cut it out slightly bigger than the actual template.
I put that under the DP pieces and adhere them together.
Next...piece it all together where they line up on the 
skin (Kraft paper).
And decorate!
I like to use little flowers and *bling*!

You could use feathers too!
That is for something a little more ~RISKY~

The sentiments I just typed out on my Mac in a 
font I liked and used a dimensional to raise it up!
I sure hope this helps!
My...it  is very wordy isn't it?

Take care!
Please visit again soon!!

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