Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Love doing projects!!

Hi again!

Two posts in one day!

Well...I have spent some time doing some cool projects.

I have yet to put the finishing 
touches on them...but I thought I would show you them thus far!

This first one is one I have been thinking of doing for years!  So finally I have tried it on a small scale to see if I am even capable!

This is on a medium size canvas. First I had to sketch the image onto the canvas.
Then I used drywall mud to add the 3D effect!

I did about 3 coats.  Next time I would stop at 2. Here it is dried.
I think I am going to paint the exposed canvas with black. Then spray it to seal it...and...
its done!  (My next plan is to pick a wall and get 'mudding'!!)

Next I did a paper wreath!  They are all over Pinterest right now!!

I have a collection of pretty old books.  This one was an old Canadian Dictionary for Schools.
Last printed in 1944.

I gingerly took it apart!  The pages were quite brittle. I would compare them to Philo pastry!!

Next I rolled a ton of them into cone shapes and used a piece of tape to hold them.

Then I stapled them to a square of cardboard starting at 12, 3,6,& 9 0'clock positions.
Now...I have to go hunting for some bling for the center!
Not sure what room I like this for yet. The office is kinda neat because it is a dictionary!
BUT....made my craft room will win out!

I will post the projects when they are hanging in their new homes!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Babs said...

Wow, you have been busy! They look great!

Babs said...

P.S. Thanks for the instructions too!