Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mixed Media Canvas

Hi again!

I have been trying something new.
Mixed media on canvas.

I have been watching some very
talented people on youtube
and they have inspired me to try.

I am nowhere near as good as they are!!
But is so fun.
I hope to improve as I keep trying new things.

Here are two of my "newbie"

This first one I did for my mum.
She has similar colours in her craft room.
I at the end of it all...I added some 
polka dot feathers.
(Sorry no pic of that)
It looked better.

This next one I put in my guest room.
It looks quite gold in the photos...but in reality it isn't that gold. 

Well....Thank you for stopping by again.
I love this new art form and I hope you do too!

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